Hey folks; I’m Peyton Walters and I’m a student at the University of Pennsylvania studying Computer Science and an instructor for CIS 188.

I’m particularly interested in distributed systems (particularly Kubernetes), IP networking, and Unix-based operating systems, but there are far more things than that which pique my interest. Some of my past and current work includes:

  • SPIRE TPM Plugin, a set of plugins to allow SPIRE to do TPM 2-based node attestation
  • Penn Labs’ Infrastructure, a repository to fully control a Penn Labs’ infrastructure as code
  • Proxmox K3s, a set of automation allowing for zero-touch deployment of K3s on Proxmox
  • Caplance, a network-level load balancer in the spirit of Maglev
  • Jiffy, a program that automated the deployment of KVM/Libvirt virtual machines
  • Alpine, a chef cookbook to add chef support to Alpine Linux