Ollama is a tool for running LLMs locally, inspired by the DevX of Docker. It has a model hub with the big-name models. You can run models very simply:

$ ollama serve &
$ ollama run llama2:latest
>>> say whatever you want to say to llama

The real magic, though, is in how easy it is to define new model types with different system prompts and parameters:

$ cat Modelfile
FROM llama2:latest

SYSTEM """You are an assistant who will write Peyton's blog posts for him"""
$ ollama create peytonhelper -f Modelfile
$ ollama run peytonhelper
>>> say something to my helper

In the past, I’ve used ctransformers for building stuff like this, but it’s a bit too low-level. I don’t care to learn the proper prompting setup for all these models.